roberternstmarxThe people I draw, paint and sculpt personify the human condition. They are also the people we see around us, every day.

I have favorite themes. I am troubled by

  • the arrogance of power
  • the exclusivity of the institutions of church and state
  • the abuse of and by both spouse and child, and
  • our own and others’ personal fears and insecurities.
  • We are also to some degree trapped by the conventions we have chosen to impose upon ourselves.
  • While painful to express, these themes desperately need expression, and I have done it by creating my own visual language while building upon the inventions of my artistic ancestors. For example, Picasso was the first to paint a dismembered human body to convey a sense of futility. I also use symbols: mannequins, masks, and dangling limbs on puppet strings, as my visual “shorthand” for the controlling forces which frustrate us all.

I work not only for myself, but also to make a connection with you. I do so as elegantly as I can and with an ambiguity that invites you to join your interpretation with my own.

If I am successful, my people will now make eye contact with you…and our dialogue will begin.

—Robert Ernst Marx